Advanced equipment protects product optimization
Workers who want to do good things must first sharpen their tools. In order to produce high-quality new products, good-quality equipment is essential. Gaomei New Energy recently added test and test equipment. Now the laboratory has been able to meet the test conditions for high humidity, high temperature, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high temperature and low humidity heat transfer and other harsh e… more
  Innovation has no limit ---- Our company has developed a variety of new products
Enterprises should be people-oriented and talented people should be innovative. If a company is self-styled, it will be eliminated. As a leader in the silicone industry, product innovation is an important position. Recently, a number of innovative products have been developed to further optimize and expand the application of silica gel. New products: more
  Silicon rubber product storage method
1. When packaging products, pay attention to the package, pay attention to the product's dust and oxidation resistance. 2. Keep the ventilated and dry environment in places where silicone rubber products are stored, and prevent moldy products. 3. Place the temperature of the product should be appropriate, pay attention to use within the product period. 4. Silicone rubber products should be placed in an indoor enviro… more