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Self-lubricated oil liquid gel

Product description:The product is a kind of double component, transagent, and formed liquid silicone rubber with self-lubricating oil.

Product features:

· Excellent mobility, modularity, good molding, high efficiency;
· Excellent mechanical performance and fatigue resistance;
· Good self-lubrication;

Application field:Self-lubricating and oil-removing silicone rubber products

Storage conditions:sealed in a cool, dry vent.

Shelf life:six months.

Packing specifications:20kg/barrel; 200kg/barrel;



1.The tools for taking agents a and B should be distinguished from or wiped clean before use, so as to avoid the combination of the two resulting in local clots and not normal use.
2.In use, avoid contact with chemical compounds containing N, S, P and Sn, or cause unvulcanization or incomplete vulcanization.


1.When applying the products, pay attention to labor protection wear, avoid warm burns during construction, and prohibit consumption.
2.Be careful with this product, pay attention to safety before and when using it. In addition, it should comply with the relevant national or local security regulations. (See corresponding MDS for detailed safety guidelines).

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